Save the Date!

What: BOR class of 1989 20th HIGH SCHOOL REUNION
When: SAT., APRIL 4th 2009

Contact information is still needed for the following list of classmates. If you have a CURRENT e-mail address, home address, or phone number for one of the people listed below, please e-mail that information to either JoEllen Drapiewski Paterson at or Joanne Derwin at Thank you.

Still need correct contact information for the following classmates:
Amy Allardyce
Dawn Appel
Dan Chisarick
Ray Baller
Jen Barilla
Adam Bialer
Tammie Bilby
Sharon Brennan
Liz Calderon
Camille Clark
Megan Fisher
Gary Glaser
Joe Goldsworthy
Kristen Homza
Katie Jennings
Kristen Johnson
Robby Lanunziata
Bernie McDonald
Mary Pat Millham
Cheryl Mizenko
Lisa Morris
Tim Murray
Erin Napersky
Aaron Perhach
Scott Popson
Mike Rakos
Marty Reynolds
Dawn Rismondo
Diana Roccogrande
Hank Rogers
Mike Sanfillipo
Lucia Sitar
Michele Spitzbarth
Bernadette Stefanik
Chris Swantek
Donny Wilce
Morgan Woods
Lewis West
Brian Zupko

Thanks for your help everyone! I will be in touch and I look forward to seeing all of you in the spring!!

Happy Holidays,
JoEllen Drapiewski Paterson

Two special graduations

Last evening, 224 Holy Redeemer seniors gathered at King’s College for their Commencement exercises. A Baccalaureate Mass was held the previous evening in the same location. While the first graduating class of the regional Catholic high school faced many challenges, including the transition to a new school for their senior year, they were also blessed with many successes, friendships, and fond memories.

Out of fairness to the seniors, three valedictorians and salutatorians were selected, one from each of the former high schools. Representing Bishop O’Reilly were Robert Duffy, valedictorian, and Edward Dal Santo, salutatorian. Congratulations to all of the Class of 2008 on this momentous occasion. We’re proud of you, Royals!

Bishop O’Reilly alumni may also be interested to know that Good Shepherd Academy (the former O’Reilly campus), will be graduating its first eighth grade class on Friday. A Mass will be held at 6:00 PM at St. Ignatius Church, followed by commencement exercises.

Class of 1999 Reunion

I received an email the other day from Joe Yanik, president of the class of 1999, regarding plans for the tenth year reunion in 2009. No decisions have been made yet about the reunion’s details but there have been recent developments in its planning. Joe also mentioned that class members and faculty curious about the reunion are welcome to join the Class of ’99 reunion group on Facebook for more information.

Interested in helping to plan the 10 year reunion for the Class of 1999? Please contact Vicki (Artim) Hislop at

Mr. Lynch Stories Request

I received a request for some stories about our favorite English teacher, Mr. Lynch, and was hoping that members from various BOR classes may be able to help.  Mr. Lynch is retiring at the end of this school year and his daughter Amy has set up an email address here to send your Mr. Lynch stories:

mr.lynch.stories (AT)

(Please note, you’ll need to edit that address to replace the _(AT)_ with an @ sign)

Mr. Lynch’s wife and daughter (Ada and Amy) are asking those who know Mr. Lynch to send stories, memories, etc… Ada says if you don’t have a story, at least send a joke because he needs new ones 🙂 by May 31st. They plan to have the stories bound and will present them at his retirement dinner.

Here’s a story that I had sent and Ada’s response to it:

One of my favorite memories about Mr. Lynch was when we were trying to get him to make a funny face that we could catch on film. Someone came up with the idea to have Mr. Lynch describe the word ‘scowl’, knowing full well that he would demonstrate it rather than try to describe it. At the moment he did that, someone popped up and snapped a picture of him. I think it made it into a publication, possibly the yearbook….?

After sending in that story, I received this response from Ada:

“Thank you so much for helping spread the word about Jim’s booklet. I had to write and tell you that you have solved a riddle that Amy and I have wondered about for years. One of her favorite pictures of her Dad is the one you described. She thought it was such fun that she had it enlarged and framed after finding it in a photo album. She owns a restored farmhouse and when you walk into the vestibule there hangs Dad in all of his scowling glory. It is in black and white and of course is a real conversation starter. Your class was one of his favorites and again thank you for taking part in this surprise. I know that this will be the best gift that we could give him. When my grandaughters were home at xmas, I took them to Holy Redeemer to visit him and took their pictures with Jim behind his desk. This will be the cover of the booklet.

It was great hearing from you.


So please feel free to pass along any memories you have of Mr. Lynch to the email above, and if you wish to share it will other class members, please copy me on the email and I’ll either post it here or on our Class of 1977 weblog.  My email address is:


Lee Devlin
Class of 1977

Rallying for Catholic School Teachers

A press release from the website of the Scranton Diocese Association of Catholic Teachers:

A prayer vigil and rally to support the labor rights of Catholic school teachers, who are being denied union representation in the Diocese of Scranton, is scheduled for Wednesday, January 30, 2008. The event will take place in front of St. Peter’s Cathedral, 300 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton, and will get underway at 5:30 PM.

The rally is being coordinated by the Scranton Diocese Association of Catholic Teachers who have invited all area union members, local religious and clergy of all denominations to participate. Also invited are Catholic school parents, students and all local citizens who value the rights of working people and the importance of social justice.

The rally will begin with a prayer vigil, led by local clergy, for the intentions of Scranton Diocesan Bishop Joseph Martino. Teachers have asked Martino to reconsider the Diocese’s opposition to union recognition.

Attention Class of 1983

Hi Everyone!

Some of us have been getting together to start working on our 25 year reunion. We’re starting a little early (since the reunion will be held next year) but we are short on some addresses.  Please check out our link either on the reunion page, or here at   and see if you can help us find some of our missing classmates.

If you want to mark your calendars, it will be held on November 28, 2008 at Apple Tree in Dallas. If you’d like to help plan the reunion, please post here or email me from the 83 webpage.

Thanks, and hope to hear from some classmates!!

Chris Seybert (formally Shemanski)

BOR Class of 1977 – 30th reunion

First of all, I want start out by thanking Raphael for starting this all-class BOR website and blog.

We started a Class of 1977 website and blog a little over 5 years ago for our 25th reunion and we have found it to be a great way to reunite BOR classmates. It’s very nice to get an email or phone call from someone I’ve not heard from for many years because they find the website. I’m sure this website, with its potential to reach out across all graduating classes, will be a great asset to help our alumni revisit high school experiences and to reconnect with former classmates.

The Class of 1977 is in the middle of planning our 30th reunion this year. We are missing contact information for a few of our classmates so if anyone reading this is from the BOR Class of 1977 and hasn’t heard about the reunion, please visit the website for details. Also, if you’re related to anyone in the class of 1977, perhaps you can help us track down the whereabouts of a few missing class members recently posted to our blog.


Lee Devlin