Save the Date!

What: BOR class of 1989 20th HIGH SCHOOL REUNION
When: SAT., APRIL 4th 2009

Contact information is still needed for the following list of classmates. If you have a CURRENT e-mail address, home address, or phone number for one of the people listed below, please e-mail that information to either JoEllen Drapiewski Paterson at or Joanne Derwin at Thank you.

Still need correct contact information for the following classmates:
Amy Allardyce
Dawn Appel
Dan Chisarick
Ray Baller
Jen Barilla
Adam Bialer
Tammie Bilby
Sharon Brennan
Liz Calderon
Camille Clark
Megan Fisher
Gary Glaser
Joe Goldsworthy
Kristen Homza
Katie Jennings
Kristen Johnson
Robby Lanunziata
Bernie McDonald
Mary Pat Millham
Cheryl Mizenko
Lisa Morris
Tim Murray
Erin Napersky
Aaron Perhach
Scott Popson
Mike Rakos
Marty Reynolds
Dawn Rismondo
Diana Roccogrande
Hank Rogers
Mike Sanfillipo
Lucia Sitar
Michele Spitzbarth
Bernadette Stefanik
Chris Swantek
Donny Wilce
Morgan Woods
Lewis West
Brian Zupko

Thanks for your help everyone! I will be in touch and I look forward to seeing all of you in the spring!!

Happy Holidays,
JoEllen Drapiewski Paterson

In loving memory of Ian Pope

The Holy Redeemer community is deeply saddened to report the death of Ian Pope, a member of the Class of 2010.  Ian was killed on Tuesday December 23, 2008, afternoon in an automobile accident in Edwardsville. We all know how great of a person Ian was. He made every person he knew feel great. He treated his friends  like his family and he will be missed very much by us all.

For anyone who wishes to know Ian’s wake well be on Friday December 26th from 5:30 pm to 9:00 at St. Nick’s and the funeral will be Saturday December 27th at 8:30AM under St. Nicks Church for the Funeral

The school is asking for all students planning to attend the wake  and the funeral to wear their winter uniforms…please show your support and love for such a great kid like Ian Pope…! We will never forget someone as great as Ian!