In loving memory of Ian Pope

The Holy Redeemer community is deeply saddened to report the death of Ian Pope, a member of the Class of 2010.  Ian was killed on Tuesday December 23, 2008, afternoon in an automobile accident in Edwardsville. We all know how great of a person Ian was. He made every person he knew feel great. He treated his friends  like his family and he will be missed very much by us all.

For anyone who wishes to know Ian’s wake well be on Friday December 26th from 5:30 pm to 9:00 at St. Nick’s and the funeral will be Saturday December 27th at 8:30AM under St. Nicks Church for the Funeral

The school is asking for all students planning to attend the wake  and the funeral to wear their winter uniforms…please show your support and love for such a great kid like Ian Pope…! We will never forget someone as great as Ian!

As we come to the end. . .

Could you believe that it has been one year already? It seems like yesterday we stood outside of the Bishop O’Reilly High School building and said our final good-byes, or for some it may be the moment you first walked into your freshmen homeroom on the first day of school all those years ago. And with the end winding down, for some, it marks the start of their new lives such as going off to college, or new jobs, and for others, with only final exams left, their just glad that summer vacation is here. 

This past year has been hard for most of us, starting at a new school, new teachers, with people who we saw as our rivals on the playing field, and at the start, many thought that a Queensman and an Argent or an Eagle could never become great friends. But as the year went on friendships were formed, rivals became teammates, events were planed, cheered for the red and gold, dances were attended, report cards were sent home, games were played, test were taken, detentions were given, and we said our good-byes to the graduating class of 2008.

 So as we hold our memories and friends from Bishop O’Reilly or West Side Central Catholic dear to our hearts, we can now share those memories with our old and new friends and the enjoy the new memories we have made over this past year. We will always be Queensmen or Queenswomen but for some we can also say we are the Royals.


Hey everyone,

Back on Noverber 16th and 17th, Holy Redeemer presented Rodgers and Hamerstein’s Oklahoma, directed by Thomas Hanlon and assissted by Susan Dennen and Michael Stofko. Set in the Oklahoma Territory in the early 1900’s, Oklahoma! is an idealized vision of a simpler time, a story of tender romance and violent passion. Sean Burns played the role of Curly, a sunny, good-natured ranch hand and Katie Thomas played Laurey Williams, the farmer’s daughter he loves. But menacing Jud Fry, played by Kevin Hourigan, tries to come between them.

Bishop O’Reilly’s own Devin Albrecht, David Baker, and Matt Ruch also played the lead roles of Will Parker (D.A.), Cord Elan (D.B.) and Andrew Carmes (M.R.) along with dozen of other students in the chorus, orchestra, and in the stage and sound crews. And we can’t forget about the helpers on the makeup and costumes crews and the ushers. The play was very well performed and had a great turnout on both nights.

Today’s Queensmen

Hey all,

It’s sad to say but the Queensmen have become the Holy Redeemer Royals. Even if the name and the colors change the spirit will always be the same.  With more more people to join in the spirit, this will be a great year. We are only a few weeks into the school year and have already had many Royal victories.