Hey everyone,

Back on Noverber 16th and 17th, Holy Redeemer presented Rodgers and Hamerstein’s Oklahoma, directed by Thomas Hanlon and assissted by Susan Dennen and Michael Stofko. Set in the Oklahoma Territory in the early 1900’s, Oklahoma! is an idealized vision of a simpler time, a story of tender romance and violent passion. Sean Burns played the role of Curly, a sunny, good-natured ranch hand and Katie Thomas played Laurey Williams, the farmer’s daughter he loves. But menacing Jud Fry, played by Kevin Hourigan, tries to come between them.

Bishop O’Reilly’s own Devin Albrecht, David Baker, and Matt Ruch also played the lead roles of Will Parker (D.A.), Cord Elan (D.B.) and Andrew Carmes (M.R.) along with dozen of other students in the chorus, orchestra, and in the stage and sound crews. And we can’t forget about the helpers on the makeup and costumes crews and the ushers. The play was very well performed and had a great turnout on both nights.

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma!

  1. Why is this website still up? Bishop Hoban was not permitted to retain their website. I am reporting this to the Diocese of Scranton Catholic Schools Office immediately.

  2. I’m surprised that Raphael did not reply to you, so I will. Your anger and bitterness surprises me. I’m taking it for granted that you have children in catholic school. This IS NOT the official B.O.R. website; it too was dismantled. This website is operated by a B.O.R. grad, and I thank him for it. He’s doing a fine job. So go and whine to the diocese all you want, they cannot do anything!

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