Mr. Lynch Stories Request

I received a request for some stories about our favorite English teacher, Mr. Lynch, and was hoping that members from various BOR classes may be able to help.  Mr. Lynch is retiring at the end of this school year and his daughter Amy has set up an email address here to send your Mr. Lynch stories:

mr.lynch.stories (AT)

(Please note, you’ll need to edit that address to replace the _(AT)_ with an @ sign)

Mr. Lynch’s wife and daughter (Ada and Amy) are asking those who know Mr. Lynch to send stories, memories, etc… Ada says if you don’t have a story, at least send a joke because he needs new ones 🙂 by May 31st. They plan to have the stories bound and will present them at his retirement dinner.

Here’s a story that I had sent and Ada’s response to it:

One of my favorite memories about Mr. Lynch was when we were trying to get him to make a funny face that we could catch on film. Someone came up with the idea to have Mr. Lynch describe the word ‘scowl’, knowing full well that he would demonstrate it rather than try to describe it. At the moment he did that, someone popped up and snapped a picture of him. I think it made it into a publication, possibly the yearbook….?

After sending in that story, I received this response from Ada:

“Thank you so much for helping spread the word about Jim’s booklet. I had to write and tell you that you have solved a riddle that Amy and I have wondered about for years. One of her favorite pictures of her Dad is the one you described. She thought it was such fun that she had it enlarged and framed after finding it in a photo album. She owns a restored farmhouse and when you walk into the vestibule there hangs Dad in all of his scowling glory. It is in black and white and of course is a real conversation starter. Your class was one of his favorites and again thank you for taking part in this surprise. I know that this will be the best gift that we could give him. When my grandaughters were home at xmas, I took them to Holy Redeemer to visit him and took their pictures with Jim behind his desk. This will be the cover of the booklet.

It was great hearing from you.


So please feel free to pass along any memories you have of Mr. Lynch to the email above, and if you wish to share it will other class members, please copy me on the email and I’ll either post it here or on our Class of 1977 weblog.  My email address is:


Lee Devlin
Class of 1977


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