BOR Class of 1977 – 30th reunion

First of all, I want start out by thanking Raphael for starting this all-class BOR website and blog.

We started a Class of 1977 website and blog a little over 5 years ago for our 25th reunion and we have found it to be a great way to reunite BOR classmates. It’s very nice to get an email or phone call from someone I’ve not heard from for many years because they find the website. I’m sure this website, with its potential to reach out across all graduating classes, will be a great asset to help our alumni revisit high school experiences and to reconnect with former classmates.

The Class of 1977 is in the middle of planning our 30th reunion this year. We are missing contact information for a few of our classmates so if anyone reading this is from the BOR Class of 1977 and hasn’t heard about the reunion, please visit the website for details. Also, if you’re related to anyone in the class of 1977, perhaps you can help us track down the whereabouts of a few missing class members recently posted to our blog.


Lee Devlin


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