In loving memory of Ian Pope

The Holy Redeemer community is deeply saddened to report the death of Ian Pope, a member of the Class of 2010.  Ian was killed on Tuesday December 23, 2008, afternoon in an automobile accident in Edwardsville. We all know how great of a person Ian was. He made every person he knew feel great. He treated his friends  like his family and he will be missed very much by us all.

For anyone who wishes to know Ian’s wake well be on Friday December 26th from 5:30 pm to 9:00 at St. Nick’s and the funeral will be Saturday December 27th at 8:30AM under St. Nicks Church for the Funeral

The school is asking for all students planning to attend the wake  and the funeral to wear their winter uniforms…please show your support and love for such a great kid like Ian Pope…! We will never forget someone as great as Ian!