Class of ’78 Reunion

Save the date! The Class of 1978 Reunion will be held on Saturday, August 25, 2012. We secured Konefal’s Grove for a those who can make this informal reunion/get together. We will also plan for a 35th year reunion for 2013. Since creating a group on facebook excitement has grown for all to get together since the last time many have been together was 1993. Cost and timing will be provided in future postings.. If you have any questions please email Mary Lynn Kudey. We are creating committees at Charlene Long’s on March 25th.

Bishop Bambera’s Plan for Diocesan Schools

Bishop Joseph Babmera announced his plan for the future of the diocesan school system at a meeting at St. Maria Goretti Church in Laflin on January 20. “Catholic schools are alive, they’re well and they’re here to stay in the Diocese of Scranton,” said Bambera. However, the bishop noted that despite the massive restructuring efforts of recent years, there are many schools “well below capacity” and one cannot rule out the possibility of further mergers or closures. In the Holy Redeemer (Luzerne County) and Holy Cross (Lackawanna County) systems, there are currently 2,094 empty seats.

Under Bambera’s plan,

  • Tuition will increase by $900 over the next three years.
  • A new marketing campaign will promote the school system.
  • Parishes assessed at 23.75 percent of their income will see their school assessments reduced to 15 percent over a period of time.

Registration for the 2011-2012 school year will begin on January 30. A decision regarding the configuration of the school system will be announced by April 15.

Click here to view a video of the bishop’s presentation.

Rev. Daniel Hitchko

The Central Catholic/Bishop O’Reilly Community mourns the sudden loss of Rev. Daniel Hitchko, principal from 1968-1974. The diocese has released the following statement:

The Diocese is saddened by the death of Father Daniel Hitchko. Although Father, who was 73, had been battling several serious health problems for a number of years, his sudden death while attending an event at Wyoming Area Catholic School was unexpected.

The paramedics who responded attempted to use the school’s automated external defibrillator (AED), but apparently the device was not functioning. It is unclear why it did not function or whether it would have changed the outcome.

Father Hitchko served the Church faithfully for 46 years. The Diocese mourns his loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with Father Hitchko and his family.

Please pray for the soul of Father Hitchko. You can read more about his years at Central at Kevin Jordan’s blog, This Just In.

What is progressive change? Central Catholic tackles the question.

Progressive change was on the minds of students, teachers, and parents throughout the 1972-1973 school year. The world was rapidly changing, and locally, Northeastern Pennsylvanians were still dealing with the aftermath of the Agnes flood. The ’73 Queen incorporated many quotes from Central Catholic teachers and administrators regarding their attitudes toward progressive change. Here’s a sampling:

A New September Inspires Heart, Mind, and Spirit

A few back to school memories from the ’73 Queen:

Entering Central Catholic for the first time since June, we noticed a significant change. The walls smelled of fresh paint, the first floor corridor boasted of a new terrazo covering, and the new gym floor was covered with a tarp. As we looked again, however, nothing really changed. Old friends returned and the spirit of Central Catholic sparked anew. The opening assembly ushered in the school year as it had many times before. Soon we were walking through the halls, fumbling with lockers, and making the most of a few moments of study. September was here and with it a challenging beginning.

1986: New Beginnings

September 1985 ushered in a year of “new beginnings” for Bishop O’Reilly High School. Faced with near closure the year before, students looked forward to another year at their beloved school. With August usually comes some sadness at end of summer vacation. But in 1985, Queensmen were grateful to return home to Bishop O’Reilly. Nearly losing the school must have been quite a wake up call to students, parents, and teachers alike: count your blessings. The 1985-1986 school year, however, was a joyful time. A time of new beginnings, yes, but cause for celebration as well. “Bishop O’Reilly will stay open.”

Click on the thumbnails to see the yearbook images full size.

Save the Date!

What: BOR class of 1989 20th HIGH SCHOOL REUNION
When: SAT., APRIL 4th 2009

Contact information is still needed for the following list of classmates. If you have a CURRENT e-mail address, home address, or phone number for one of the people listed below, please e-mail that information to either JoEllen Drapiewski Paterson at or Joanne Derwin at Thank you.

Still need correct contact information for the following classmates:
Amy Allardyce
Dawn Appel
Dan Chisarick
Ray Baller
Jen Barilla
Adam Bialer
Tammie Bilby
Sharon Brennan
Liz Calderon
Camille Clark
Megan Fisher
Gary Glaser
Joe Goldsworthy
Kristen Homza
Katie Jennings
Kristen Johnson
Robby Lanunziata
Bernie McDonald
Mary Pat Millham
Cheryl Mizenko
Lisa Morris
Tim Murray
Erin Napersky
Aaron Perhach
Scott Popson
Mike Rakos
Marty Reynolds
Dawn Rismondo
Diana Roccogrande
Hank Rogers
Mike Sanfillipo
Lucia Sitar
Michele Spitzbarth
Bernadette Stefanik
Chris Swantek
Donny Wilce
Morgan Woods
Lewis West
Brian Zupko

Thanks for your help everyone! I will be in touch and I look forward to seeing all of you in the spring!!

Happy Holidays,
JoEllen Drapiewski Paterson