Definitely a conversation piece

Good morning and welcome to WBOR. Today is Thursday, September 20 and it is Day 4…

O’Reilly grads from the 90’s and 00’s will surely remember that line, used daily by a cheery WBOR announcer (Deviation from the official text was frowned upon by Sister Magdalen). You may be surprised to learn, however, that WBOR is not only the station of choice for the Queensmen, but that Garfield enjoys the programming as well. Check out this video:

Funny, I don’t remember Binky the Clown following the annoucements. Wait, didn’t Channel 1 come on next?

Okay, I admit it’s a little lame. But lately there haven’t been any comments on the website. So I have a good excuse; the fact that Garfield is one of my favorite cartoons is just sheer coincidence. That being said, I guess it’s okay for Lee to post about his favorite rock groups now. But seriously, the fun part about having a blog is that anyone can comment and share a story, memory, or rant. So go ahead, click below and add a comment to this post. Let’s get the ball rolling!

2 thoughts on “Definitely a conversation piece

  1. Hi Raphael,

    You don’t need to apologize about posting something that is of interest only to you as long as you can provide the slightest reference to keep it on topic. I believe that the WBOR station identifier on the cartoon takes care of that. I usually make mention of the fact that my favorite rock group is something I got from a fellow BOR classmate. That way I’m covered in case someone accuses me of veering too far off topic.

    Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be the blog administrator ;-).

  2. Thanks, Lee. The “apology” was half in jest; my brand of sarcasm. I was hoping I could post SOMETHING that would get people talking. Neither Dr. McKeown in a cowboy nor Garfield watching WBOR did the trick so far.

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